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Community and Disability Care sector organisations empowered by our advanced software capabilities can improve all aspects of their business by bringing together people, processes and technology.

Become an integral part of your clients’ journey - Built with NDIS in mind, our software is an end-to-end solution that provides a single system of collaboration for planning, resourcing, service delivery and billing. Specifically built for the industry, our software delivers a powerful user experience empowering your staff to deliver personalised, predictable and profitable customer experiences.


Reduce Costs

Optimise every aspect of your operation through the efficient management of clients, employees, scheduling, billing and payroll, while ensuring you are delivering the right level of service at the right time, and adhering to all funding requirements.

Inspire Confidence

Build trusted client relationships by developing credibility and increasing client confidence using a predictable customer-responsive engagement model to deliver consistent and value-add services.

Empower Staff

Provide your staff a collaboration-rich experience that enables transparency across all aspects of the business, empowering them to deliver relevant expertise and service with every client interaction.

Grow your Organisation

Prioritise, innovate and invest in service offerings based on actionable insights that anticipate rapidly changing industry trends and client needs.

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Below are some of the features available in the MyCare feature-packed cloud-based software.

  • Client Record: Comprehensive record management including personal information with photograph; client family and friend with authority types; accident/incidents, complaints and suggestions; Home Risk assessment; Medical and personal history; Care Notes; and more..
  • Employee Administration (HR): Comprehensive record management including personal information with photograph; Training and Qualification records incl. management of expiry dates; Police check records; Performance appraisals; accident/incidents, complaints and suggestions; and more..
  • Client Funding: Built with NDIS in mind, MyCare allows you to provide services based on agreed funding arrangements, including tracking of budgets by period and by service. The MyCare powerful funding manage module allows management of many different types of funding, such as DVA, private funding, and more. It is future ready to manage funding under the proposed Aged Care scheme.
  • Client & Group Services: Manage both individual and group services, with accurate cost and expense tracking; Manage recurring services using built-in template functionality; Travel Payments with built in GPS calculations;
  • Resource Management: Staff/Volunteers availability setup; Personal leave, holiday, unpaid leave; Search availability based on client assigned care workers, availability and suitability to perform required service based on qualifications; Bulk email staff rosters;
  • Brokerage and Contracted Services: Track and manage services you contract out to other providers, or services other providers contract out to your organisation.
  • Pricelists: Manage the different pricing arrangements you have with clients, brokered services or contracted services.
  • Alerts: Be proactive with role based system notifications that are relevant to the user. This can be for expiring certifications, licenses, police checks, or upcoming services that have not been confirmed or rostered.
  • WorkFlow: WorkFlow is a powerful tool to automate processes – scheduled Alerts and triggers for information flow.
  • Form Creator: Form Creator will allow you to create unlimted tables/forms to attache to Client/Employee records
  • Mail-Merge: Mail-Merge facility to be able to link to word processing -- write quotes, agreement and general correspondence
  • Communication Tracking: Email – SMS – Phone: Send and track communications with clients and staff
  • Document Management: Store documents on client and staff records
  • Mobile & Web Applications: Allow your clients access to their services and shared documents, as well as being able to request services. Allow employees real time access to shared documents, their roster, as well as the ability to submit timesheets and complete shift reports.
  • Highly Configurable: All aspects of the system are customisable to suit your organisation requirements – from changing form layouts, mandatory field requirements, creating custom fields, to setting up your own alerts, reports and dashboards.
  • Security first: Restrict user access based on their role, right down to the fields they are not allowed to see. Two-factor authentication provides an extra layer of security, that sends a validation email when not logging in from the office.
  • Analytics and Integration: Built in reports and custom report creator allows you to stay on top of your operation. Custom dashboards provide a high-level health check, and allows you to take timely corrective action. 3rd party integration using our API’s means there are endless possibilities.
  • Cloud-Based: Being cloud based means that all you need to run MyCare is a device with a modern internet browser. This also reduces administrative overhead as all maintenance is done centrally on the server.

About Us

MyCareSoft is an Australian owned company, developing dynamic IT solutions for the disability and aged care sector in Australia since 1996.

Initially trading as Smart Program Services, we have re-branded to coincide with the complete redevelopment of our software from the ground up, to a cloud based offering. We are proud to say that we are continually looking out for the best interests of our customers, and strive to be recognised as trusted partners, rather than just service providers. Our consulting teams are highly experienced in disability services projects. They understand the reporting and analysis challenges that the industry faces under the National Disability Insurance Scheme framework and we are proactively working with our existing client base to refine and extend our coverage as the industry transitions to the new model.

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  • "With changes to the sector imminent, Disability Macarthur has needed to streamline the way we conduct our business. MyCareSoft has enabled us to be more efficient in recording and maintaining client information."

    Julie, Disability Macarthur Temporay Family Care
  • "I would like to recommend the software to every one interested in building a community care operation. It has been implemented very efficiently in our operation and the customer service is very reactive. It works well for our business and had considerable saving in administration cost."

    Colin, BCD Community Care

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