Client Record Managment

MyCaresoft gives you complete control and visibility of all your client's care information ensuring your business can deliver a greater quality service

Client Profile

Personal history and photograph – information on client’s background.

Client Contacts

Records of Client family and friend with authority types.

Accidents & Incidents History

Accident/incident Complaints and suggestions – incl. Medication incidents.

Home Risk Assessment

Access your client's home risk assessment with ease

Medical History

Medical and personal history

Care Notes

Record important care notes and access them later

Care Plan

Care Plan incl. a Care Plan library

Communications Log

Send and receive Emails / SMS and record on Employee file

Group Services

Create activity programs and staff instructions – groups participants for various activities – attendance records – Client care plans and performance appraisal – monitor activity costs and Client fees.

Transport services

Interactive daily vehicle schedule to manage your day-to-day operation – Client transport requirements (list: walking-frame, wheelchair etc.) – GPS setup for Client location – bus runs schedule using GPS data with pick-up time/drop off order – display GPS map for bus run.