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FAQ -Frequently Ask Questions

Contact us for more information and an oblication free demontration to evaluate how MyCare could benefit your organistion.

Contact us for a free trial. At the end of your trial period you deside if you want to use MyCare as your new CRM and we will create a program instance. A new database instance will be created, as MyCare is a Dynamic system, and you can start with the data upload facility or just enter your data directly into the database.

MyCare CRM packed in encludes all features. All users have access to all software components:
1. Portal – Mobile and WebApps
2. BookingApp to link Clients directly with CareWorkers
3. Email and SMS facilities incl. storage in Client/Employee records
4. MailMerge – MS Office
5. Report, Chart and Form generator
6. Document management for Clients/Employees folders
7. WorkFlow to automate processes
8. Secure SSL encryption 
9 MyCare is linke via API to accounting systems like Myob / Xero

Yes – An Organisation can be setup with unlimited number of branches. Client/Employee can be assiged to a branch or multiple branches. This will make it easy to eg. assign an employee working for two different branches.
The Client/Employee setup works on the basis of setting up a Main Branch and another register to store the sub-branches if required.

You will have access to our Manuals and Knowledge Base documents which contains a wealth of information about our features.
If you have a question simply send an email to our support team for a quick response or book a zoom meeting.
Our support hours are Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm AEDT.

Training material – Knowledge Base are accessible directly through your MyCare database. You may also arrange Zoom meetings to further speed up staff trainging. You may also have additional needs to discuss operational improvements and changes as MyCare is Dynamic as all aspectes of the database are customisable.

The MyCare CRM is hosted with AWS (Amazon Web Services) hosting in Australia.  AWS is a Government approved hosting service.

MyCare is usning  AWS (Amazon Web Services) and backups are completed daily. We also using internal backup schedules which create a three (3) backup routine. The backup tables can be selected individual. As MyCare is dynamic and additional tables can be created you can select these new tables for automatic backup.
MyCare also has a full manual backup of the entire database which can be used from time-to-time to ensure no data is lost.

Clients, there nominated representatives and Client specific Care Workers (CWs) only have access to Client information.
1. Client profile information
2. Client CarePlan
3. Client Reportable Event data (Incidents, Accidents, Complaints etc.)
3. Service Schedules – including service bookings and historical data
4. Onlin e Funding Statements (NDIS)
5. Access to selected Client’s/Employee’s document folder.
The access to information is controlled via database access to Mobile and WebApplications for Clients/Employees as well as limited to Client specific CareWorkers only.

Yes, of course. You can download your data anytime and all data is displayed in CSV / Excel format. 
MyCare has also the option to upload data back to the server — all tables have the option to Export/Import.
A data table can be exported, changes made in the excel spredsheet and again imported into the server database. This feature will allow a very fast data update if required. Fields can be auto-populated in the excel spreadsheet and entered back to the database.

Clients/Employees will be deactivated – records will not deleted.
Deactivation means that the records will be marked as “inactive” and kept on the database.
Client/Employees have acces to MyCare Portal / Web and Mobile applications depending on their status and will be automatically logged out as soon as the record is deactivate. All access rights will be deleted and Clients/Employees will no longer be able to login to MyCare.

MyCare is using SMS Broadcast – buy credits
Check for their current prices. The first buy is very cheap and will cost only 3.7cent per SMS.

MyCare can manage any number of Funding types:
1. NDIS funded servcies — Individula and Bulk claim uploads
2. NDIS-Self-Funded – the client is invoiced with detailed invoice formats – includung Support Items Number – for processing the Funding Claims
3. Plan managed — Invoices are received from the service provider
4. ACD – Aged Care Direct funding setup – invoiced to Clients or claimed
5. Direct service invoices – Clients are invoiced and pay for services.
6. External provider invoices – services are contracted from external organisation
Invoices and Claims can be processed in any of the above combination for each Client.
NDIS Funding Claims are uploaded via a CSV file directly to the NDIA portal and Payments can be downloaded to reconcile Funding Claims

Care Workers (CWs) logon/logoff times are recorded plus GPS location.
– Client Progress Notes 
– Client Signature
– Client Rating
– Picture upload on Mobile app will allow to attach picture to the service
– Risk Alerts — instance risk alerts are sent via WorkFlow to nominated recipients via Email/SMS or both — any number of recipients can be added.
Comminication between CareWorkers are managed by allwoing access to other CWs notes and Service Assessments — eg. Hand-over notes.
In addition the CW has access to Client documents eg. CarePlans etc. and other relevant Client Documents

Risk Alerts can be sent via the Mobile Phone and to selected staff via Email/SMS via the WorkFlow and are instantly notified of any incident.
The CW can also upload picture directly to the the service schedules to porvide further informlation on the “Reportable Event”.
Reportable Events reports are entered and again can be viewed by other Client specific CWs. Events notes can be marked as “Confidential” by the Supervisor and other CWs are not able to view the information. Special care is being taken to insure that Client information and notes are access controlled and restricted via UserRoles setup to ensure access to authorized users only.

When setting up an account with MyCare you will be charged on a monthly basis.
The licende fees are calculated on the number of your Clients/Employees – the size of your business. 
We also offer startup packages to ensure all users can affort the software costs.
When starting up a new service the fees for the first 3 month are charged and thereafter monthly. One month notice will be required to cancel the license agreement.
Licence fees adjustments will be done on the basis on the number of Clients/Employees and adjusted — see our price list for more details.

MyCare can be cancelled anytime giving one month notice.