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Community and Disability Care sector organisations empowered by our advanced software capabilities can improve all aspects of their business by bringing people, processes and technology together.

  • Resource Management

    Our smart engine recommends the right resources for the right work based on updated skills and availability of care workers. Simplify the engagement model between coordinators and care workers to streamline resource allocation. Empower care workers by allowing them to pick up open and relevant shifts.

  • Highly Configurable

    Make the system your own using our highly configurable engine. Multiple branch capability allows you to run everything from one place. Support for multiple funding sources, such as NDIS, private health funds, or self-funded treatments, all managed on the basis of funding periods and available budgets. Multiple pricelist functionality allows you to easily manage pricing agreements with different types of clients, contractors and partners. Deliver both individual and group services.

  • Analytics and Integration

    Empower management with a unified system with 360O visibility to metrics through robust analytics and interactive dashboards providing proactive insights like Resource utilization across the organization. Ensure integration with back-office financial systems including MYOB, Zero, QuickBooks and others for profitability, revenues, accruals, and inter-organisation expenditure tracking by enabling a strong basis for reporting, integration, and analytics.

  • Service Scheduling

    Make it simple, effective and efficient to manage and track the complexity of community care rostering using a range of tools. Connect the right person to the right job through the right device and right experience to enter time and expense, and update shift statuses. Provide real-time financial insights to empower staff and allow them to take corrective actions. Built in GPS functionality makes estimating travel time and travel charges a synch.

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