MyCare CRM software summary

Built with NDIS in mind, the software is an end-to-end solution that provides a single system of collaboration for planning, resourcing, service delivery, billing, funding claims and payroll.

1.      Cloud based Dynamic CRM, hosted on “Amazon” a government approved cloud-data provider.

2.      Secure access controls with UserRole setup for different access levels for Employee and Client logon.
Import/Export facility to access and manage data – allowing easy setup

3.      Comprehensive Client and Employee record keeping ensuring compliance

4.      Rostering system with Template setup, Recuring entries or Individual service bookings
Group Setup: Special attention has been placed to manage Group services. Setup various groups and select group participants – group services can be entered via templates and service hours can be individually adjusted for each group member.

5.      Mobile and Web applications for Clients / Employee logon

a)  Employees have access to real time rosters and shared documents as well as the ability to pick up shifts, submit time sheets and complete shift reports online.
GPS location/time recording for Logon/Logoff is available and timesheet are recorded with Client notes – Signature – Picture upload – Client rating, assessments, as well as Reportable events recordings (incidents). Instant Risk Alerts are managed via the WorkFlow and instant notifications are sent via SMS to the supervisors.
Employee can access documents for Client Care and Staff training.

b)    Clients can book services online, access their Service History and view Service Statements
   The “Booking App” allows the Client to select and manage their own Care Workers and
   administer the NDIS Care Plan.

6.       Email/SMS facility to send and receive communication incl. bulk upload.

7.      Mail-Merge facility to link data tables to word processing — write quotes, agreement, and general correspondence. Mail merge lets you create a batch of documents that are personalized for each recipient.

8.      Report Creator to give you control of the data and allows to setup unlimited reports to display relevant information and allows for dynamic reporting of all data objects. It allows the user to filter the data using advanced search criteria, determine which columns to include on the report and the order of the columns, and do control breaks with totals.

9.      Setup NDIS Client Funding care plans. A number of tools are available to setup a Client’s Care Plan and create a Funding Agreement.

a)      Setup the Client’s funding using the Care Plan

b)      Download the Client’s Service Bookings from the NDIA via the API download facility

c)      Create Service Bookings in MyCare and upload to the NDIA – a calculator is available to estimate the Client’s available service hours for each service category.

10.   Process NDIS Funding Claims and Invoicing with upload facility to accounting software.

a)      Invoice services directly to Clients or External Providers

b)      Receive invoices from External Provider and Charge Clients directly or process Funding Claims.  Manage Plan Managed Client invoices and process Funding Claims.

c)      Process NDIS Funding Claims for Self-managed, Agency-managed and Plan-managed Clients.
– Create Invoices for Self-managed Clients with funding related info ready for claiming.
– Upload NDIS Funding Claims for Agency/Plan-managed Clients via CSV file or NDIAS API upload

11.   Accounting API capability to connect to other application (Myob, Xero, KeyPay) for processing Funding Claims, Invoicing and Payroll

12.   NDIA API connection to simplify claiming and improve cash flow. Download Service Bookings and Funding Claims directly to the NDIA and receive instant payment confirmation and error feedback.

13.   Other high-end database facilities:

a)      Form Creator will allow you to create unlimited tables/forms to attach to Client/Employee record

b)        WorkFlow is a powerful tool to automate processes. A series of steps are scheduled related to processing data. A simple data filter can be applied to trigger an event and action is taken – an SMS or Email or both can be sent when an event occurs – eg. A police check expires at a certain date and an automatic message will be sent to the employee 30 days before the expiry date.

c)      Dashboard control will allow the user to create individual dashboards for each UserRole

d)      Chart setup is facilitating tabular data to be exhibited in a graphic representation.

e)      Database backup is scheduled daily and will keep a 3 days backup only and a full data backup is available and will backup the entire database 
and more …..

The overall objective of MyCare software is a user-friendly integrated system to manage the complexity of the Community and Disability Care Services with ONE system. Managing NDIS Claim for self-funded or Plan Managed Clients and any combination as well as private service delivery and can be used in any combination.

The functionality of MyCare is streamlined to automate process as much as possible in order to increase efficiency and reduce errors. The improved communication between Client and Care Worker/Facilitator will ensure a better understanding of service requirements and service delivery.