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NDIS for your business

The MyCare CRM solution is an organisation wide platform for disability service organisations built with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in mind, and provides Australian Disability Service Providers the right tools to manage client services under the NDIS. MyCare is simple to use, yet extremely powerful.

  • Client Funding setup – monitoring funding periods and budgets
  • Funding Claim processing for individual and bulk claims
  • Uploading Claim paymenent to MyCare and reconcile Funding Claims

NDIS Client Plan administration

  • Organize allocated funds from your Individualized Funding Package, aged Care Package, National Disability Insurance Scheme Package or your own funding and any combination.
  • Tailor required support services to be provided by internal or external service providers
  • Manage providers who will best meet Client’s needs
  • Record service bookings for external providers
  • Connect CareWorkers directly with Clients and enable Client to choose their Emplolyees and manage their own NDIS fundings and service schedules —
    MyCare Booking app provide the required tools

NDIS Features Overview

An extensive list of features and functions to manage NDIS

Efficient Data

Efficient Data

Efficient data entry to manage Client’s NDIS plan, goal assessment, care plans and appraisals as well as Progress Notes and Service Assessments and Plan Reviews.

Client Budgets

Setup and manage client’s Goals and Budgets for both NDIS Plans and Service Bookings. 
Monitor Funding Periods and Available Funds.
Use the Funding Calculator to estimate service hours for a given perios and create Quotes.

Service Tracking

Track service delivery and cancelled services and manage service budget for each service type. Create Service Schedules via Template entries or simple replicate the service for a selected period.
Monitor and manage Group Services.

Budget Forecasts

Monitor projected income and expenditure over time. Use a Funding Calculator to estimate the support hours and services available for the Funding Period

Bulk Claims uploads

Easily upload bulk claims via the NDIA Provider Portal and synchronize with the Accounting software. Import payments directly from the NDISA portal and reconcile accounts.

Client Invoicing

Client’s fund management and invoicing – linked to Accounting software.
Create Invoice reports with itemized Support Item numbers for easy processing and claiming.

Claim Approvals

Manage Claim approvals for service delivery. via Use WebApp and Mobile app and record client signature for each service as well as client ratings.

Client Reporting

Client’s Progress Notes and goal assessments are recorded for each service – Record Reportable Events and manage confidential Information via UserRole setup and encrypted text to prevent unauthorized access to records.