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MyCare Pricing

Pricing should be simple, transparent, and considering the user’s business structure

MyCare Software Pricelist - valid from 1st of January 2022

The software packages includes access to all features on the Portal, Mobile and Web Applications. The licensed agreement is based on:
1. Limited to one company and unlimited branches
2. No limitation on PC terminals or users.

Our software licencing plans are fully managed and there are no hidden fees or expensive upgrades The fees include full access to all features for all staff and management.
Fully managed means that we take care of all the infrastructure costs, any server maintenance, we handle all the backups, and take care to ensure your data is secure and only accessible by authorised  You don’t need an IT staff to use and maintain MyCare.

We don’t just deliver you an incredible cloud-based software solution for your organisation, we deliver you peace of mind that you have partner looking after your best interests. We don’t have any up-sells or upgrade fees. For one predictable price, you get access to everything, for all your staff and management.

# Clients plus Employees Total Fees per Year Fees per Month
New startup Packages - first 12 month
Up-to: 50 $3,100 $258
Licence fees for 12 months
Up-to: 50 $4,200 $350
75 $7,200 $600
100 $9,200 $767
150 $13,800 $1,150
200 $14,400 $1,200
250 $17,400 $1,450
300 $19,800 $1,650
350 $22,600 $1,883
400 $24,400 $2,033
450 $27,000 $2,250
500 $28,200 $2,350

Setup Cost and Staff training:

There are no fixed setup cost – basic data transfer from existing CRM data can be imported – rest of setup is done after initial staff training by inhouse resources. Setup support is available.
1. There are NO fixed setup cost and any charges depending on the staff training requirements.
2. Basic Clients and Employees data can be uploaded and completed by your staff.
3. MyCare setup is focusing on internal staff training from the beginning – resulting in substantial savings in the setup process.
4. Data import facilities will assist in the setup and your staff will complete the setup focused on there individual roles – eg. Employee setup by Roster staff – Client setup by Admin staff etc.

The software is licenced on a monthly basis – the pricing is based on the size of your business – eg. number of clients/employees.

We are open for negotiation and match any price for a similar product on the market – please talk to us.

Start-up packages for small operators are also available and we offer special conditions and pricing for new-starters.
We also will negotiate our licence fees as each business is different and we will ensure that the software is affordable for your operation. We will beat any competitor with our pricing structure for similar software features. The price should not be an obstacle – the software capabilities and operational advantages should be the focus.


NDIA API integration – A separate license agreement with LanternPay needs to be setup for the use of the NDIA direct claiming facility.
The pricing is based on the number of active clients using the Claim upload facility this includes unlimited monthly Client Funding Claims.

The fixed monthly rate is charged per NDIA participant – no sign up or other costs – please contact LanternPay for a separate quote.